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In front of the entrance (fake?) of a ‘Cinematograph’ are the carnival floats. The crowd is thronging to see them. Each float stops for a moment to show off its decoration but it’s difficult to identify the theme. Among the passengers on the carnival floats one can recognise a ‘Napoleon’. One cart, all yellow, decorated with numerous trumpets, seems to particularly attract the attention of the audience.
The colouring is rather imprecise, the many overflows might indicate that the these were manually applied tints. Blue for the sky, which often runs onto the contiguous frame, covering some of the heads in the crowd. Green for some hats spread among the audience. Yellow and pink appear every now and then to liven up the floats and their passengers.
Giovanna Fossati, Catalogue Cinema Ritrovato 1996.

Film restored in collaboration with Cinémathèque Suisse.

Carnevale di Milano nel 1908, il

italian title: Carnevale di Milano nel 1908, il
year: 1908
country: ITALIA
sound: muto
length: 3 min.
production: Comerio & C.