About us

A place for the cinematographic culture

Cineteca di Bologna is part of Bologna City Council's cultural department; in 1995 the communal administration recognised the institution's autonomy and since then we have had an administrative council, a president and a director.

A commitment to the past as well as the future

Here at Cineteca we conserve and restore the cinematographic heritage to make it accessible now, as well as to safeguard its continued availability for future generations. Additionally, we make a substantial contribution in the promotion of culture and in supporting the growth and realisation of contemporary cinema through the Bologna Film Commission, which is managed by Cineteca di Bologna.

List of activities

A huge archive of over 60,000 films (available for lending and on-site consultation); the L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory, of public ownership, for the restoration and processing of film; the Renzo Renzi library - Film and photography: a place for studying, watching films, looking at photographs and film posters, listening to soundtracks, as well as consulting the vast range of materials found in our archives, some of which have been acquired while others have been privately deposited, including the Pier Paolo Pasolini Archives, the Chaplin Project and the Centro Studi Marcello Mastroianni; continual multifaceted promotional activities in different fields, one of which is education with the projects 'Schermi e Lavagne' and 'Ipotesi Cinema'. The 'Fronte del Pubblico' project for the promotion of film culture - and the scheduling of events (daily and diverse screening at the Cinema Lumière; the 'Visioni Italiane' competition for medium and short length films; the Il Cinema Ritrovato Film Festival; the Human Rights Nights Festival; the summer event 'Sotto le stelle del cinema' film projections in Piazza Maggiore). Special events, participation in major international film festivals and a rich and scientific publishing activity complete the institution's strong identity.


Marco Bellocchio, President of Cineteca.
Gian Luca Farinelli, Director of Cineteca.
The administrative council is composed of:
Marco Bellocchio (President), Alina Marazzi and Valerio De Paolis.