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In Cabras, in the province of Cagliari (in Sardinia), there is a sort of salt lake connected to the sea that has been private property ever since the reign of King Phillip IV of Spain. After a law abolishing feudal property (1956) the body of water should have become public property. But the owners, helped by the local magistracy, have managed to avoid expropriation. Cabras therefore lives in a situation that can be defined as medieval. The body of water is watched over by "zarraccus", armed guards, but at night some fishermen attempt to go fishing. Fights, riots, strikes come one after another. But the owners are always the winners.

Feudo d'acqua, il

italian title: Feudo d'acqua, il
Cast & credits:
year: 1972
country: ITALIA
language: ITALIANO
sound: sound
length: 20 min.
production: Corona Cinematografica