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An evening at winter’s end: in Veneto, in the countryside of Treviso (in Zero Branco) the farmers have prepared bonfires for the feast of bread and wine, a propitiatory rite for a good year. The writer Giovanni Comisso lives here in the area between the Brenta and Piave rivers. Surrounded by friends, hunting with a falcon, at the bar, in his "piece of land", the writer presents the days at war on the Piave, the undertaking at Fiume, the sea people of Chioggia. The key for understanding his art, however, is the "feeling" of the land.

Simbolo chiamato zero, un

italian title: Simbolo chiamato zero, un
Cast & credits:
year: 1967
country: ITALIA
language: ITALIANO
sound: sound
length: 13 min.
production: Corona Cinematografica