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Year: 2012 Categories: Books
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A Pasolini more soothsayer than prophet. An intellectual able not so much to "foresee" as to see in the present the signs that eluded everyone, but not his eagle-sharp gaze. By digging into reality, studying its entrails, the very same way the ancient diviners used to do. The waning of Italian peasant life, the illusory freedom of a consumerism that is in fact coercive and standardizing, the impossibility of communicating with the youngest people born in this new, changed Italy and the West's insensitivity in the face of the cultures and values of the Third world.
Giuseppe Bertolucci

For the first time we have Pier Paolo Pasolini's own texts (interviews, poems, articles, treatments, and songs) telling the story of his films and his unfinished projects. Featuring three hundred and fifty images drawn variously from Pasolini's personal archives in the care of Graziella Chiarcossi, from the Fondo Pasolini established by Laura Betti at the Cineteca di Bologna, and from public and private collections.

Foreword by Dante Ferretti