Labirinto Fellini. Un viaggio strordinario nel laboratorio creativo del maestro

Year: 2010 Categories: Dvd and booklet
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language: English subtitles

Presented in this 2 DVD box set a collection of films and material, for a long time unavailable, on the magic of the Fellinian creative process entitled Fellini at Work: a process which comes to life through interviews, backstage footage and informal conversations. A Director's Notebook, an American NBC production made by Fellini himself in 1969, is the first film in which the director himself appears, as part of an inventive and entertaining game of staging and (false) documenting. Fellini, shot in 1960 by Belgian director André Delvaux, is a long and absorbing interview interspersed with contributions from some of Fellini's friends and collaborators (Pasolini, Sordi, Mastroianni). Particularly illuminating are the lovably insolent 'lies' told by the director to the interviewer. Fellinikon and Ciao, Federico!, both shot by Gideon Bachmann in 1969, are surprising and ironic trips into the shooting of Satyricon. In addition to all this, two true rarities in Walter Santesso's audition for the role of Paparazzo and a collection of images from the set of La Dolce Vita. The DVDs finish with two original interviews with scenographer Dante Ferretti and Sam Stourdzé, curator of the Labirinto Fellini exhibition.

Contents of book
Labirinto Fellini contains a rich introduction to the 'Invenzioni di Dante Ferretti e Francesca LoSchiavo' exhibition hosted at MACRO-La Pelanda (30 November 2010-30 January 2011), an essay by Sam Stourdzé on the popular iconographic sources at work in the Fellinian imaginarium, and detailed information on the films and materials found in the DVDs, compiled by Roberto Chiesi.