Appunti per un'Orestiade Africana

Year: 2008 Categories: Dvd and booklet
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A film by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Restored edition.
DVD (73' + extras; Italian and English, with subtitles in English, French, and Italian for hard of hearing) and book (48 pages)
Published by Edizioni Cineteca di Bologna, Bologna 2008


With Notes Towards an African Orestes Cineteca di Bologna inaugurates its new series “Il Cinema Ritrovato”. DVDs and books suggesting to the reader rare or unpublished titles which have been rescued from cultural oblivion or given a new life thanks to recent restoration. This Pasolini film, completed in 1973 and left unreleased for over two years, until the days following its author's death, is the only work of the poet-director to have been refused both broadcast by public television and cinematic distribution, not because it was considered “scandalous”, rather simply “difficult”, and so not sufficiently commercial. Cineteca di Bologna presents it in a newly restored version, carried out by its L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory thanks to material made available by Producer Gian Vittorio Baldi. Amongst the extras are interviews with Dacia Maraini, Massimo Fusillo and Baldi himself. The accompanying booklet, edited by Roberto Chiesi, includes texts by Pier Paolo Pasolini, an introduction by Giuseppe Bertolucci, as well as reviews and critiques from the period.