Sam Peckinpah. Il ritmo della violenza

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Essays and unpublished texts that examine the charismatic, at times epochal and always controversial films of Sam Peckinpah – from The Wild Bunch and Straw Dogs, to Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia – as well as his significant television work. Exploring how the true theme of Peckinpah's work, more so than the violence, is the arrogance of power, which manifests itself in a form of individualistic anarchism tinged with nihilism: it is this that makes Peckinpah an heir to the best American intellectual traditions. With essays by Franco la Polla, Flavio De Berardinis, Claver Salizzato, Emanuela Martini, Ermanno Comuzio, Umberto Berlenghini, David Weddle, Stephen Prince, Claudio Bisoni, Katherine Haber and Gianni Bozzacchi, accompanied by previously unseen photographs from Peckinpah's sets.
Franco La Polla is a professor of Cinema History in the Drama, Art and Music Studies Department (DAMS) at the University of Bologna. A student of American cinema, he is the author of Il nuovo cinema americano 1965-1975 (1978), Sogno e realtà americana nel cinema di Hollywood (1987; 2004), Stili americani (2005) and Introduzione al cinema di Hollywood (2006), among others.