Le burrascose avventure di Giovannino Guareschi nel mondo del cinema

Year: 2008 Categories: Fuori Catalogo Books
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Published as part of the initiatives organised by Cineteca di Bologna to celebrate the centenary of the author's birth, this book recounts, as never before, the story of how the many censorial traps, which in Cold War Italy intervened between the written page and the screen, were overcome: in short, it relates the complicated and adventurous birth of Don Camillo, a genuine monument to the aspirations of Italy on the threshold of the boom years. The book also narrates many other adventures: his Parmesan roots, Giovannino's horror at what Italy is becoming, how the provinces became the universal stage, the concentration camps, Togliatti and Peppone. In conclusion: 'the wild adventures of Giovannino Guareschi in the world of the cinema'.