Information about purchasing

For archived materials, all prices and trademark licences are established based on the nature of use of the selected document in accordance with the following price list:

  • Video, purpose: everything apart from ADV (€960.00/min), cinema (€720.00/min), TV + home video (€600.00/min), TV (€560.00/min), ADV + cinema + press (€1,280.00/min); price for use in Italy, abroad +20%.
  • Video, purpose: home video (€600.00/min); price for use of less than 1,000 copies, over 1,000 copies +€200.00/min.
  • Video, purpose: educational (€160.00/min).
  • Video, purpose: corporate, comping, exhibition/show: private treaty.
  • Photographs, purpose: cinema (€140.00), TV (€130.00), corporate (€85.00); prices quoted are for use inside Italy, abroad +20%.
  • Photographs, purpose: home video (€100.00), full page publication (€100.00), front/back cover publication (€140.00); price for use of less than 1,000 copies, up to 3,000 +10%, up to 5,000 +15%, up to 7,000 +20%, up to 10,000 +25%, over 10,000: private treaty.
  • Photographs, purpose: educational (€45.00).
  • Photographs, purpose: everything apart from ADV, TV + home video, ADV cinema TV and print, exhibitions/shows, conferences: private treaty.

By filling out the appropriate form, it is possible to receive a quotation for the documents requested. After having successfully made a payment it will be possible to have immediate access to the digitalised photographs, while any support materials (books, gadgets, photographic prints, video supports), will be delivered by courier within 15 days of the payment date.

The catalogue includes Royalty-Free documents as well as Rights Managed documents.

Payment can be made by credit card by following the online procedure, through Bologna City Council's secure payment server guaranteeing safe payment.

On having successfully made a payment, photographs for professional use will be directly sent to the purchaser by email, while any publications, films or photographic prints will be sent to the address specified by the client.

Returning Purchased Items

All purchases made through this site are regulated by Italian law regarding on-line and mail-order sales. In the event of an incorrect order and/or receipt of an undesired item, the customer has 10 days from the date of delivery to exercise the right of withdrawal and return the items to obtain a refund. We accept without hesitation the return of any article, providing it is in perfect condition, and will make a complete refund (less any postal and packaging expenses, as provided for by Italian law).
Attention: Articles supplied with a SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) seal must be returned with the seal intact. Articles with a damaged or missing SIAE seal may not be returned. A copy of the delivery note must be included with the product to be returned, which has to be correctly packaged. All returns to be sent to:

Servizio resi (Refund Services)
c/o Cineteca di Bologna 
Via Azzo Gardino, 65 - 40122 Bologna (Italia)

For the shipping of articles to be returned, we recommend the use of a secure registered postal service. Articles delivered to any other address than the one indicated above will not be considered for refunds.

Damaged products                                              
If products purchased are faulty in any way or have been damaged during shipping, contact us at once.